Heateco wastewater heat exchangers

  • Save energy

  • Save money

  • Save the environment

Heateco heat exchangers are designed to return heat energy from domestic wastewater. Domestic hot water flows simultaneously with cold water through the heat exchanger, as a result of which heat is transferred to the cold water through the metal wall of the heat exchanger and raises the cold water temperature. Energy savings are achieved by using less energy to produce domestic hot water as the cold water temperature is raised.

HeatEco C30V108 and C30V160 are suitable for use in all buildings where domestic wastewater is generated. It is recommended to install the Heateco heat exchanger in the basement of the house, where all domestic wastewater generated in the house can be passed through it. In houses with several staircases, in order to achieve the greatest savings, it is recommended to connect the sewer risers of all staircases to a separate heat exchanger and then to connect all heat exchangers to each other. The best option is to install the heat exchanger at the building’s sewage outlet, where all the building’s sewage pipes go. In this way, heat energy can be separated from the domestic wastewater generated in all apartments in the house, preferably from gray water, and the cold water entering the house can be preheated.


The HeatEco C30V108 and C30V160 are completely maintenance-free models. All Heateco wastewater heat exchangers have a double wall, which means that in the event of a leak, the wastewater does not come into contact with clean water. The clean water inlet and outlet connections of the heat exchangers are made according to the customer’s wishes, taking into account the diameter of the water pipes in the building.


Models C30 + controller and C30 + sensor are connected to a valve to improve heat recovery.